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I’ve been finding it hard to keep my blog updated lately. I’ve been busy painting. That’s a good thing, though. Right?

Watch this space.


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The “FUCK YOU!!” show is the first initiative by a group of friends to introduce and celebrate lowbrow art & culture in Cebu. But don’t take that statement seriously. We were really just having fun.

Participating artists: Flai, Bartbombs, Karingkay, Electric Wasteland, Uzi Emperado, Junks, Kenny Badana,Wyndelle Remonde, CrazzyMaggot, El Chayox, Hash.

Sleep well, baby.

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When I found you, you were cold, hungry, and scared. For weeks, I worked hard to earn your trust, and when I succeeded you showed me nothing but love and companionship. What hurts the most is knowing that, if you saw me now, devastated and broken, you would come running to comfort me. I miss you.

I’m just thankful that our paths crossed. Thank you for making the past 4 months my happiest. I hope I made yours the same.

art show

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I’m participating in 2 (group) art shows for the month of August. One in Cebu PH,  another in London UK. If you happen to be around these areas during these dates, do drop by. Check out the posters below for dates and directions. Click on image to enlarge.


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I am in the process of unlearning everything I know about art. Through a series of personal paintings, I hope to repossess the honesty and sincerity in creating art that I once had when I was younger.

I realize now that I have lost this sincerity from the moment I exposed myself to the pressures of art school and commissioned work. There is nothing wrong with that. One can’t help but try to impress professors and peers. After all, good grades must be earned and clients’ expectations must be met. But there is plenty of time for that, and now I believe it’s about time for me to find and create opportunities where I allow myself to be detached from such pressures and contests in popularity.

Normally, I do not like to talk about my art unless it is in retrospective assessment of old works. But this journey that I am taking is not artistic in nature. It is a rediscovery of the self; of old values, interests, experiences, and pains.

Sulat Kamay 2012 Visayas Leg (Cebu)

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Don’t grow up – it’s a trap!