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Did an interview for Curseseller, the book on the occult I did a cover design for. Read the interview on their Facebook page, or click on “Read More” below.

1.) When and how did you decide to become an artist, an illustrator?
- One doesn’t just decide to become an artist. It takes a lifetime of practice and passion. In my case, it started with my childhood fascination with cartoons and comic books. Reading comics and watching cartoons wasn’t enough though – I drew pictures of my favorite heroes (and villains), and it wasn’t long till I started creating my own. I just really love drawing, and when the time came that I had to decide on a way to make a living, the choice was obvious.

2.) Who were your biggest inspirations for your career?
- Lowbrow artists, because they rarely involve themselves with all the haughty, elitist “fine art” business. You don’t have to study art or be an art critic to understand/enjoy lowbrow art.

3.) What do you enjoy most about being an illustrator?
- Doing what I love (which is drawing), and getting paid for it with no one bossing me around.

4.) What is the main subject matter of your work?
- I enjoy drawing a lot of detail, so often my subject matter involves something with a lot of intricate textures. Tree bark, wrinkles on an old person’s face, rotting corpses, huge monsters, and giant tentacles. Stuff like that.

5.) What are your favorite pieces of work that you have done and why?
- Ass-kissing aside, my favorite piece would have to be the book cover design I did for Curseseller. The idea alone of creating a book cover, a book about the occult at that, is exciting. My client, Rob, came to me with a clear and concise idea of what he wanted, without restricting my artistic license.

6.) Who are the greatest influences on your work.
- Illustrators and comic book artists from my childhood such as Todd McFarlane and Simon Bisley. Bisley’s work is rough, loose, and unfinished – with the final result looking perfect, imperfections included. I try to keep the same attitude towards my own work.

7.) Do you listen to music when you work? What kind of music do you like?
- I do, although most of the time I prefer playing a movie or episodes of my favorite TV/cartoon shows – they keep me entertained. On occasions that I do play some music while I work, I listen to just about anything from heavy metal to hip hop.

8.) What advice can you give to people who want to succeed as a freelance illustrator?
- Don’t do it for the money. I’m not saying that one should work for free, but that money shouldn’t be the main reason for making art. Do it for yourself and your art. When you work like you don’t even care about the money, you give it your 100%. Money is simply a consequence for good work.

I know a lot of talented folk who give up their art career early on for “real”, more stable jobs. True, I struggled a lot when I was starting out, and I still do. But in this industry, quitters never win.

9.) What was the inspiration behind the picture on this link “” ?
- Nature. There’s this line from one of my favorite movies: “Nature is Satan’s Church”. Most people think that the scariest creatures are from man’s wildest imagination – they forget that nature is one creepy son of a bitch.

10.) Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed?
- Both. You can’t create the good food with the best ingredients only, or relying solely on cooking skills. Good food has to be a perfect balance of both. Oh wait, sorry, were we talking about art?

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