I’m Uzi Emperado from Cebu, Philippines. I draw things that upset your mom.
album artwork | merch design | skate decks | posters




  • A 50% non-refundable down payment or “kill fee” is required before work. This prevents me from getting scammed and having my time/effort wasted.
  • Prices vary. Let me know what you have in mind so I can reply with a specific quote for the job. It helps a lot if you can keep your brief specific and concise.
  • I am open to just about anything. But if you come asking for a drawing of ponies and dolphins throwing cotton candy at each other under a rainbow, I might not be the best person to approach for it. View my portfolio to see if what you have in mind  falls under what I do.
  • Keep in mind that I may be working on other projects, and that there is a waiting list. I will, of course, inform you how long. Do not expect me to be able to work on your project right away. But if there is a particular deadline, let me know and I’ll see if I can work something out.
  • The final high-resolution artwork is sent after I receive the other half of the payment.




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