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Sculpting has never been my area of expertise, but I enjoy doing it anyways. When I entered college/art school though, the deadlines, the competition between classmates, and the grades that had to be earned took the all the fun from it. I became intimidated.

I gave it another try last week, and I’m glad I did: When I started making a living through drawing, it became a job, and the excitement of doing it went away a little. I find myself taking breaks for hours… days… even weeks from drawing, just to feel inspired again. I still love drawing, and I doubt my love for it will ever go away. But I’m happy to have found another outlet for creativity where I have no one else to please but myself.

Here’s my first-ever “successful” polymer clay sculpture: The Maloik. It’s a little rough around the edges (literally), but I’m pretty damn proud of it.



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What started as a small gathering to “decorate” one of the rooms ended up in long and serious discussions about the local graffiti scene, punk/DIY culture, and lowbrow art. I’m thankful to be surrounded by such beautiful and creative minds.


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Did an interview for Curseseller, the book on the occult I did a cover design for. Read the interview on their Facebook page, or click on “Read More” below.

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Diversities II opening night

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The cocktails/food was great. And oh the paintings were real nice too. ;)

DIVERSITIES II: Exhibition of undersized works

856-G Gallery

May 2 – 31, 2012

Participating artists: Aaron Bautista (Angono), Khriss Bajade (Cebu), Monnar Baldemor (Laguna), Max Balatbat (Caloocan), Roniel Compra (Cebu), Joey Cobcobo (Mandaluyong), Uzi Emperado (Cebu), Jes Evangelista (Quezon City), Carlos Francisco II (Angono), Honesto Guiruela (Valenzuela), Russ Ligtas (Cebu), Sio Montera (Cebu), Isidro Santos (Angono), Palmy Pe-Tudtud (Cebu), Javy Villacin (Cebu)

Diversities II

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Just another day at the office

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