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Literally a breath of fresh air

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All I’ve been doing the past few weeks was sit in front of the desk/monitor for hours, alternating between work and “play” (play with the PS3, that is). A trip to the countryside last Friday with some of my old friends from USC College of Fine Arts was a welcome breather. Around 60 artists, a mix of students and professionals, participated in the yearly on-the-spot “en plein air” oil painting competition in Gaas Balamban, Cebu. The pictures below don’t even speak enough of how beautiful the place is.

I didn’t join the contest. The plan was to relax and enjoy the scenery,  so I didn’t bring any painting materials. Seeing how fun the artists were having through painting made me realize too late that I should’ve armed myself with more than just a sketchpad and some pencils. Nevertheless, I learned a lot just looking at other people work and talking with painters whose line of work is very different from mine.

The Black Dahlia Murder / Lamb of God (Live in Manila)

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Flew to Manila last Saturday for a very short day trip to watch The Black Dahlia Murder and Lamb Of God. Both bands rule sooo hard. My body still hurts from all the insanity.

Sonic Boom: Sinulog Blast-off 2012 / THREAD!Fest

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Shirts and sounds. Bands and brands. Merch and Music. To those who don’t know, BLAST-OFF is the biggest celebration and gathering of the best of the best in the local music and merch industry.  It happens every year, during the largest festival of the city (if not the country), the “Sinulog” festival. This year’s was its second, but it’s definitely not stopping there.

Success? I’ll let the pics below speak for themselves.

Gettin’ mah drank on with some watered-down light beer. That’s wussup! /  Wearing my Faspitch design (battle vest style) is the man who started it all, Alex “Phatboy” Lim.

Curbside rocking the stage – these boys are FIERCE. Merch area is just as packed as the front of the stage.

Merch! Some SCARS, STRAWBERRY, KILLAPINAS, MONSTER INK. PETER SAYS DENIM coming all the way from Indonesia.


Doyle See (Killapinas) and Chad Manzo (Scars) goin’ kraayyy!! PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT . That’s right, son. We murderin’ this shit!

Despite the short time I spent, and my anti-social tendencies, I had a good time. My only regret was my failure to get my brand Black Bile to participate. But that’s another story.

Overall, it was a great night.

Problem Child

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“Problem Child”

24″ x 30″ Giclee print.


Eksposisyon cebuano contemporaryo

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Ever since I quit art school, I haven’t been to a lot of art exhibits – either as a participating artist or an audience. I got to join one this year, thanks to my former art professors who seem to never give up on me. The exhibition, dubbed “Eksposiyon Cebuano Contemporaryo” is now open for public viewing and will run till the 19th of January. Drop by and check out some art, including my “Problem Child” poster.

Me and the girl showin’ off our swaaaag (whatever that means).

Artwork on the right is by a friend and one of my favorite local artists, Wyndelle.

My piece for the exhibition, entitled “Problem Child”. 24″ x 30″ Giclee print. Posing beside it with attitude. \m/


Med students like art too.