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I’m participating in 2 (group) art shows for the month of August. One in Cebu PH,  another in London UK. If you happen to be around these areas during these dates, do drop by. Check out the posters below for dates and directions. Click on image to enlarge.

Eksposisyon cebuano contemporaryo

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Ever since I quit art school, I haven’t been to a lot of art exhibits – either as a participating artist or an audience. I got to join one this year, thanks to my former art professors who seem to never give up on me. The exhibition, dubbed “Eksposiyon Cebuano Contemporaryo” is now open for public viewing and will run till the 19th of January. Drop by and check out some art, including my “Problem Child” poster.

Me and the girl showin’ off our swaaaag (whatever that means).

Artwork on the right is by a friend and one of my favorite local artists, Wyndelle.

My piece for the exhibition, entitled “Problem Child”. 24″ x 30″ Giclee print. Posing beside it with attitude. \m/


Med students like art too.

The Word, The Mouth, The Icon

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Here are 3 drawings that I displayed during my first solo art exhibit. The Word; The Mouth; The Icon

I am at the point where I need to rethink the direction my fine art work is going. In all honesty, I am unhappy and somehow disappointed at my own paintings that I created for my first solo art exhibit (No pics of the paintings yet – will post when I have the time). I blame a lot of things .I gave too much attention on execution, while struggling with the wrong medium and the time constraint. The ideas were too contrived that I neglected being able to express myself through my work.

No, I’m not being defensive. I am only critiquing my own work – pointing out the flaws so I don’t make the same mistakes. I am quite pleased with how I executed the paintings though, and they are visually appealing to some extent. But I feel that they don’t show what I truly wanted to express.

I do like the 3 drawings I posted above – I made them during the last hours of my show (no joke here!), and I guess the pressure made me forget all else and just draw. No more bullshit.

A few more pictures from the opening night.

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Black Bile: Uzi Emperado’s first solo show / Manila trip

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Huge thanks goes to a friend, Homer Anthony Medici, for taking a video of me while I painted during the opening night of my first solo show art show, “Black Bile”.

As promised, here are photos of my 3-day trip to Manila for my solo art exhibit. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find the time to take decent photo documentation of the actual works.

Day 1

The airport in Cebu – finally got to board our plane after waiting for around 3 hours. Flight was delayed.

Manila, finally. Around 9 A.M. Two-hour taxi ride on the way to the hotel.

At THE Clothing store, 30 sleepless hours later. Former classmate and friend back in Cebu helped curate my paintings in the store.

THE wall – beautiful, isn’t it?

More Photos of Day 1 here.

Day 2

Walked around Cubao for a bit – killing time ’til my art show starts. This is where my dad says he hangs out when he was younger.

Party time! Show started at around 9pm. I’m eating anti-gravity pasta.

One of my paintings – bad photo! Tsk

And another. As I’ve mentioned I forgot to take proper documentation of my works. I’m such a dumbass

Started painting outside at around 10pm.  Bands were playing, people were dancing in the parking lot behind me – WILD!

Painting done!

The store was packed with people checking out the shirts I designed and the paintings I made.

Reppin’ the illest crew in town!

Tired now – after 2 hours of painting.

Show’s over.

More Photos of Day 2 here.

Day 3

On the way back home now. At one of the malls nearest the airport. Asked the girlfriend to take a picture of me and, as much as possible, make it look like I’m goddamn tourist.

Too early to wait at the airport.

At the airport now. Waiting for our flight back home.

More Photos of Day 3 here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the people who came, and came along with me (Kara, Chin). Most of all, thank you to the people of THE Clothing (especially Auggie and Jerik for helping out all the way!) for the opportunity to do the show in their store. Had so much fun during the whole trip.

Thank you, Manila.

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I just got back from my art show in Manila (THE store, Cubao Expo to be exact). It was super fun and successful, and I won’t hesitate to do it again if I have enough time and money. All of it was tough work, but it was sure worth it.

Pictures of  the entire trip and the art show itself will be posted tomorrow, since it is midnight now and I still have to get these rolls of films developed (yes, I still use film because that’s how I “roll” – geddit? film “roll”?! LULZ!!!) I might write a longer blog tomorrow.

Thanks again, Manila. Thanks to all the guests who came to my first solo art show, to the people behind the event, and to friends who showed support.

- Uzi

Live painting outside the exhibit venue (THE Clothing store) at around midnight. Bands playing in the parking lot behind me.